Windows Office 365 download once, no subscription
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Windows Office 365 download once, no subscription

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Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus PC's / Mac / Tablet / Smartphone

The new Microsoft Office 365 is designed for high standards. It's the perfect solution for the self-employed, freelancers, small business owners and home users. It fulfills all requirements, which are put on an office software. Whether you want to create form letters, labels, or business numbers in spreadsheets, or create presentations. The Office 365 is intended for every occasion. Never lose track of your data again. With Microsoft Office 365, they are up to the job and get the most out of it. Let yourself be inspired by this new Office product!
Office Word
Word processing: Share documents and edit them in real-time with other colleagues. Use the Smart Find feature to find information on the Web without leaving Word. A simplicity that seeks its equal.

Office Excel
Spreadsheet: The six new chart types greatly simplify the visualization of complex data. The Featured Charts feature allows you to more easily present data. The forecast function allows a look at future developments.

Office PowerPoint
Presentations: Many new features make it easier to align objects and choose colors. Improved conflict resolution makes it easier to fix problems that can arise and arise during collaborative work.

Office OneNote
Notes: Draw, erase and write without any problems. OneNote converts handwritten to printed text. You no longer have to worry about dirty fonts. With the new tool "Send to OneNote" documents can be easily inserted into your notebooks.

Office Outlook
Email, Contacts, and Task Management: Manage your emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks with unprecedented simplicity. The new Outlook supports push notifications so you are always up to date with your inbox. Enhanced Conversation View automatically organizes your inbox based on discussion topics, so you never have to search for related messages again.

Office Acces
Database creation: Create, analyze and manage your corporate data. Status reports are created with a few push of a button. The new features not only improved Office Acces: A new product was created!

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