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GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION for Microsoft Projekt 2019 Professional

  • Product Name: Microsoft Project 2019 Professional
  • Useful life: unlimited
  • Condition: NEW
  • Activation: Online
  • Number of users: 1PC  

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Product Information Microsoft Project 2019 Professional

Project Professional in the 2019 version is a tool that covers the entire spectrum of project management. With this software, project managers can manage resources such as employees, time and budget and keep track of many simultaneously running projects. In addition, projects can be almost unlimited in size: from small tasks to projects that span several years and are therefore of special importance. Collaboration on projects of this kind is possible either locally via the network or via the cloud, which saves time and money for small and large companies while keeping them up to date on specific projects at all times.

Project and resource management in companies with Microsoft Project Professional 2019

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 brings an improved portfolio management to keep track of a large number of different projects. With this element of the program, decision-makers can immediately see which projects are currently on schedule and where there is a need for improvement. Schedules can be kept in mind, budget management provides an overview of monetary funds and human resources, and this function makes it even easier to manage them. Prioritization tells you whether the most important projects are progressing as planned or whether the project manager should intervene. First aid through analysis functions and corresponding instructions is also available in portfolio management.

Synchronization with Project Online and Project Server is also possible to manage functions of this kind in larger companies and via the cloud. Participants in a team can immediately synchronize new entries in the project with other employees and are not dependent on manual intervention. In addition, users of Microsoft Project Professional 2019 can integrate Skype for Business directly into the program. This allows text and video chats or checking attendance directly from the software, which also greatly simplifies collaboration on projects. Skype for Business, Project Server and Project Online are not included and must be purchased separately.

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Simple payroll and budgeting with the Software Key for Microsoft Projekt 2019 Professional

Your Software Key for Microsoft Projekt 2019 Professional: Finance departments in companies can calculate the pay slips for team members on a task both project-related directly within the software and other expenses. Employees also issue legally effective invoices in Microsoft Project Professional 2019 and record work performed in time sheets that are available through templates. Project Professional 2019 is therefore not just a tool for project management. If desired, the software also plays a role in budgeting and financing tasks of all kinds. The possible integration of Business Itelligence software further facilitates this process.

Users who have not previously come into contact with Microsoft Project Professional can still experience the comprehensive functions of the program immediately - through templates that are included with the software and that allow even complex projects to be created within a few minutes. These templates can be edited and saved for later use in other projects, so that the creation of annual reports for the coming years does not require a new start, for example, but only a simple change to the year. The 2019 version also includes most of the functions of its predecessor and familiar tools, making it easier for experienced users to switch to the latest version.

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 online and offline with the cheap Product Key

Microsoft makes this edition of Project Professional available for Windows 10 users only. Other operating systems are not supported. It is a full product key without subscription costs, so it can also be used offline. Microsoft will provide Project Professional in the 2019 version for at least five years with all updates appearing during this time. This includes security and feature updates.

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