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GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION for Windows Server 2019 Standard

  • Product Name: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard
  • Useful life: unlimited
  • Condition: NEW
  • Activation: Online
  • Number of users: 1PC 
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Product information Windows Server 2019 Standard: Your cheap Software Key

With Exchange Server 2019 Standard, the software company from Redmond replaces the previous version Exchange Server 2016 and builds on its strengths. Companies that purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard will receive groupware and email transport server software that simplifies enterprise collaboration at all levels. 

With the new version of Exchange Server, both small workgroups and large departments can benefit from powerful central storage and management of task lists, appointments, contacts and e-mails, notes and numerous other elements. The standard version of the software, designed as an internal and external interface, is specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Get your cheap Software Key for Windows Server 2019 Standard!

New Exchange Server supports more powerful systems

One of the key innovations that users who purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard will experience is support for more powerful server systems. Here, Microsoft extends system support for maximum usable memory from 192GB to 256GB compared to version 2016. The number of supported processors even doubles from 24 CPU cores to currently 48 CPU cores. This, in combination with the support of SSD memories as buffer memory for performance optimization, promises an enormous performance boost and a better user experience. 

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New "Calendaring Model" for More Comfort

Also new is the revised calendar system. This is based on the model that has already been tried and tested in Office 365, particularly with regard to calendar sharing. Thanks to the "Do not Forward" function and the PowerShell cmdlets, administrators now have more extensive options such as the "Remove-Calendar Events" function and "Add-MailboxFolderPermission" for assigning delegation permissions. 

Bing Search Implemented and Voice Mail Features Revamped

In return for the introduction of numerous new functions, some features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard are omitted. These include the outdated FAST search, which is replaced by Bing's search engine function. Both search indexes and search information are an integral part of the mailbox databases in Version 2019. Microsoft has also cancelled support for unified messaging. This means that the voice mail functionalities of the software currently work via cloud voice mail. This in turn requires the presence of Microsoft Office 365 or Skype for Business 2019.

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Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard at a glance

  • Significantly increased productivity by supporting more powerful systems and using the Bing-Search Engine.
  • Support for up to 48 processors and a maximum of 256 GB RAM.
  • Improved collaboration between employees, project teams and entire departments on shared documents.
  • High level of security through extensive monitoring functions and the prevention of data loss.
  • Easier calendar sharing through Do not Forward feature and use of Microsoft Office 365 calendar system.
  • Use Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard indefinitely
  • Users who purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard benefit from the unlimited use of the powerful software package. By purchasing Client Access Licenses (CALs), which are divided into device and user licenses, companies keep the reins in their own hands according to their individual needs. This also makes the integration of home office solutions and mobile devices cost-efficient.

Coexistence of the different Exchange Server versions

If you want to buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard, you should know that the Redmond software company relies on the well-known "N - 2" principle. This means that Exchange Server 2019 cannot be installed directly on Exchange Server 2010. Companies that are still using the 2010 version will have to install an intermediate version of Exchange Server 2019. Buy your MS Office Product Key and activate your Windows Server 2019 Standard!

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